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A couple things I need to straighten out here:

■When doing Base Damages for weapons, please do it with a level 1 enhancement (of any kind) and with a class that does 100% damage (e.g. Warrior). If you're unable to do that, then please put "N/A (Needs Enhancement)" I'll be removing any base damages that are incorrect.
■PLEASE use the templates, and make sure you have all the correct information. I've been seeing a few people rushing the pages, making it look sloppy, or by doing it in multiple edits. Making a wiki page is not a race, so please do it correctly.
■Parent pages and adding tags. I've seen many pages either without one or the other, or both. If you don't know how to do those, feel free to PM me, or any of the other mods/helpers, or read the AQWWiki Editing Guide if you're new and don't know anything at all.
Thanks everybody, and let's keep our wiki neat and organized! ~Rickyb20

Updated the AQWWiki Editing Guide with a checklist of things to look for when creating/fixing pages, for your convenience. ~Hina

Battle Pets: Read this ^-^

Please do NOT create Nulgath related pages. They're all Miltonius pages and just need to be renamed. ~Hina

Reminder: We prefer single weapon screenshots of daggers. All daggers are dual wield, and all daggers say "dagger" on them at least twice. The second weapon is considered unnecessary, such as helms on armors /etc. The easiest way to get it is using the airguitar emote. ~mturf

Previous Announcements
- Hide Previous AnnouncementsRegarding Limited Quantity Shops;
Often users updating the wiki spend a lot of their gold and ACs on items they're only going to take a screenshot of and sell for your benefit. When it comes to LQS however, that is unlikely to happen. We don't want to ruin your chances of buying the item yourselves. So please be patient, someone will buy it, and we will get a good quality image, it just might take a little longer. Good look getting your items, I'll see you in the queue. ^-^
Please for all items (even Cyber Hunter) only use screenshots taken from in game, not taken from staff previews or original artwork. If we're slow at getting an image we can always poke TLH.
I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before…but I'll mention it anyway. Base damage for weapons needs to be recorded at 100% damage, meaning you need to equip a class that attacks at 2.0 speed. ~Hina
For helpers, the list has been merged into the site members page, linked on the side bar under "Tools". ~Hina
I'm seeing rare tag adding as a problem, because people seem to be very trigger happy with rare tags and adding it to everything…on every page…on every link…. The purpose of the rare tag is to show that whatever the Rare tag is on is not available anymore in game. That's why there's one BIG rare tag up top. Hence, adding mini rare tags to everything inside the page is just redundancy. So if a page is rare, one big rare tag will suffice (you can make that happen by tagging the page "rare" using the tag function down at the bottom of any page, right beside the Edit button). Every other rare page has their own BIG rare tag, so there is absolutely NO need to add rare tags to every link on every page. The only exception is with items linked on monster pages or locations that have rare AND non rare monsters on it, things like that. Also, indexes are used for this purpose. They will contain all appropriate tags. ~Hina
We're looking for a bit of help around the wiki. If you're interested in being part of the wiki team, feel free to post here. ~Hina
Character pages now link to the wiki! :D When you click on an item on a character page it will link to the wiki in the form of a search. Basically it'll act as if you were searching for the item in the search box in the top right. Not as good as direct links to the actual page, but AE did it this way so they didn't have to do a spell check on item names…and you KNOW how bad they are with that ;) So yea, just an update on that ^^ cheers. ~Hina
I know this probably goes without saying, but here's a statement to make it official: Unlike other daggers, we DO want images of both daggers if they do not match each other (Such as Hollowsword And Shield).
Updated the first post in the New Releases topic. Please read it before posting in it. ~Hina
Please read this post regarding adding and removing thanks.
Please note that "Unknown" at this time is not a rarity. You can add the rarity field and "Unknown", but please do not add thanks.
Since people are still making the same mistakes with images I'm going to make this here where everyone can see it. Armor images are supposed to be taken without Helms, Capes, Pets, and preferable using Unarmed. If you cannot use Unarmed pick the smallest weapon you can find or wait for someone else to put up the image. Un-equip everything possible except the armor, do not leave your helm on regardless of if it's your "look". Do not take the image upstairs in Yulgar's as it cuts off part of the very bottom of the armor, there are plenty of other places that they can be taken. If you don't know how to take an image properly look at some of the images done by Hina, mturf, or myself. I'm tired of images having to be replaced when they could have been done correctly the first time if the person takes the time to prepare instead of rushing to be first. ~TLH~
When copying/pasting '09 pages to their '10 pages, make sure the info is correct, don't just copy and paste everything cuz many of them say '09 in their descriptions or have old "rare" tags in them that don't belong on the '10 pages. Please be careful with this. ~Hina
Just a quick little note for everyone. I've made an AQWWiki Editing Guide to help you out with working on the wiki. If you're unsure about how to do something, have a read through. If what you're looking for is not there, make a post, and I'll get on it! ~Hina
When creating a "rare" version of an existing item, like the Arcane Orb and Arcane Orb (Rare), make sure there's an actual difference, don't just clone the page and tags. Otherwise, the rare page would be pointless. If an item is no longer an AC item, like a bunch of Miltonius' items, make sure it doesn't have the AC or Rare tag on the new page. ~Hina.
Please do not remove "Thanks" on pages yourself. PM mturf or Hina and we will look into the issue ourselves.
Weapons DO have base damage stats. Please read this post.
In preparation for my birthday, I decided to let you all know that I'll be leaving for quite some time. In another announcement, I also plan on stepping down as a "Moderator" on the Wiki. Not that it matters since I didn't do all that much. Bye everyone. - Nightly
Alrighty, since the last announcement was made a month ago, I'll mention a few things that really shouldn't have to be mentioned if you've read the rules/guidelines. First off, I'm still seeing people remove the [[include image-tags]] line when creating pages, which means they obviously did not read my last announcement. Second, regarding the whole resizing images deal. If you're going to do that, please provide a working link. It doesn't help if the image is not viewable. Third, some people are really slacking on page creation. If you're not going to provide a decent amount of info (like the location, price, description, etc. which is literally just looking in game and sticking the info into the page and requires very little effort) or using the templates correctly, don't bother. Then there's editing images, providing incorrect info, removing old info, etc. etc. etc. Just don't do it. Lastly, please read the previous announcements below for older issues (there are a lot), so you don't fall into those pitfalls. I will start handing out warnings to those who don't follow the rules AND guidelines. K, I'm done :P ~Hina
I'm seeing a lot of the new pages, if not every one of them, being made without the "[[include image-tags]]" line and instead replaced by the image link. Please do NOT remove this line. It's there for the sole purpose of making adding/removing image tags easier. Read the Wiki How-to/Q&A thread for more info on what it does, if you haven't already. To add an image tag, just use the "tags" function down at the bottom of the page rather than adding in the link. (i.e. to add a Member Only tag, add the tag "member" to a page, and it will automatically appear on the page, as long as the [[include image-tags]] line is at the top. No need to add the image link.) ~Hina
Stop editing images. Crop only. Even if you're trying to get rid of some text, don't. We have these rules for a reason and beside that, it looks terrible. If you can't do it with a crop, don't do it. ~mturf
Guys, stop removing old info please. If your going to edit something with new live info, USE THE STRIKE-THROUGH TAG. This is an encyclopedia, we try and keep all info. Look at the Beta Beserker prices to understand what I mean.~TLH~
Guys, when you're posting on the forum, make sure you're posting in the right forum and thread. Don't go posting every question and "fix request" onto the New Releases Thread. This thread is for the New Releases page ONLY. Everything else has their respective threads to be posted into. ~Hina
The PTR content is going live. DO NOT replace existing images. It does not matter what the color of monster names are. Only edit the info if necessary (i.e. HP/Damage of monsters, weapon base damage, etc.) Rarity has also been added to the templates, as well as room limit (max number of players in a room). If we see ANY unnecessary changes, we will be sending warnings and/or bans.
Also, we will be changing up the format of image tags. Please check the forums regularly for updates on a few things like the wiki how-to, rules, etc.
I will not repeat myself on this. If you rush to get pages up and do not properly take the image and are only doing it for the credit, don't post. Period. Rushing to be the first person to post something is not allowed and I will start issuing warnings for it. This is NOT a race, competition, or anything else along those lines. Do not let me catch it happening any longer. ~TLH~
Also, note that PTR info is forbidden on the main wiki. That belongs ONLY on the PTR pages. Anything taken from the PTR will be removed, and poster WILL get a warning from now on (3 Warnings = ban). We can't stress this enough. Please DO NOT take anything from the PTR server whether it'd be for weapons, locations, monsters, or anything. It does not belong on the main wiki. (And if you look below, you can tell TLH is pretty upset with his blood red text, so if you want to avoid trouble, I suggest you don't do it) . ~Hina
Do not take any dagger images on the PTR servers. Only use the live servers for dagger images at this time. Also do not take any images from character pages unless they show the ENTIRE weapon. Missing pieces of a weapon don't make for a useful image. ~TLH~
Reminder to all AQWWiki members, please read the rules and guidelines on the wiki forums to avoid any unnecessary mistakes or rule breaking. Either of those can result in a reminder, warning or ban, depending on the circumstances. ~Hina
AQWWiki has been up for a year! Happy B-day AQWWiki! I would personally like to thank everyone who had a helping hand in keeping the wiki up-to-date, and also the original team (March 11th) that created this wiki over a year ago :D The wiki has changed quite a bit over the year, but it can definitely continue to grow and get better. If there's anything you would like us to do to help you make using this wiki easier, or if you want us to add/remove/change info to pages, or anything like that, feel free to tell us about it on the Wiki Suggestion Thread and we'll try to make the changes to the best of our abilities =) ~Hina
Nightly here! (Bet you didn't expect to see me ;P) If you'd like to keep an eye on all the people thanking you/us/me then go here:
=AQW= March 11, 2010 Design Notes - Wiki Wiki Wiki! It's a Wiki Birthday!
Also, as rule 10 states, BE ACCURATE (and use templates which are at the bottom of this page). Triple check your edits before clicking the Save button. Use the Preview button often and whenever possible to check your page before submitting the edit. I don't want to see separate edits for adding changes to a page and adding your name. I also don't want to see multiple edits trying to get the code to work properly. There are templates to use, and other pages to follow if you don't know how to do something. You can also view the Page Source under "Options" to check the code of an existing page, and copy/paste any code that you think you need if you don't already know how to do it.
The following are a few examples of things you shouldn't do:
1. Creating misnamed pages. Make sure the page you create and info in it is accurately spelled (unless the typo exists in game)
2. Forcibly remove someone's lock if they are editing a page. This is rude and unneeded and will result in a warning/ban.
3. Creating pages just to get your name on the page. There's no point in creating a page and/or leaving a template there with little to no information. This includes just posting pictures, or just the template, etc. If you have little information to give, let someone else create the page. If I see this happening I will delete the page, and if need be, I will create the page myself and lock it, so any info that needs adding will need to go through an admin/mod (check site members link on the sidebar to see a list of admins/mods/members on this site). So if you're one of these people, change your habit, because you can be sure your info/name will not be on the page you contributed to if you don't.
4. Adding your name separate from your edits. If you really wanted to add your name, you would have done so in the same edit. If you "forgot" to add your name, that means you don't care enough to add your name as you edit a page. Adding your name alone is not considered an edit that contributes to the page, and your name will be removed. If you re-add your name to the page after it's removal, a warning will be sent. If the problem continues, you will be banned.
5. Do not delete old images of graphics that are no longer in game. If something has had a graphic update so it looks totally different, create tabs and keep both images. Do not delete the old image and add the new one. This is a collection of as much information as we can get, deleting old things doesn't work towards that end.
6. Don't edit any images you're adding. Cropping them to only show the item in question is the only alteration allowed. Using paint to do that is fine, but don't alter them in any way beyond that. Adding websites to the corner, altering the colors, or removing the background itself isn't allowed.
Any questions or comments can go on our forums, which is linked to on the sidebar and top menu.
Remember, it's not a competition, it's a service to help AE and the public.

In an AE first, we have decided to host the Encyclopedia on a wiki, instead of on the Battleon Forums, as the format of the wiki makes it easy to navigate. We hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

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